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Growing up in an antique store from infancy, I was always surrounded by items that were used and loved in the past. I grew up learning how to dye and spin wool and learned the importance of an abundant herb garden early in life. It was perhaps an unusual childhood to most, but now that I have gotten older, those skills are so incredibly important to me. I found myself always creating things that were so reminiscent of the trades and materials of the past. There is just something about the simplicity, but effectiveness about the way clothing, skincare, food, etc were created before modern technology sped things along.

I have always been interested in the American Revolution and many of my crafts and skincare products are inspired by that time in history. I love to study old recipe books and antiques to see how beauty products were created and used in that time. Many of the ingredients are still used today (and many are just plain dangerous).

Whether or not you’re interested in history, natural skincare and locally sourced ingredients can be enjoyed by anyone!


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